“With a Hyperstone controller managing the system we reached astounding failure levels less than 10ppm”

Tier 1 Automotive Company
Flash Memory Controller Design Company

Founded in 1990, Hyperstone designs, develops and deliver high-quality, innovative semiconductor solutions to enable customers to produce world-class products for industrial, embedded, automotive and global data storage applications. With a focus on industrial solutions, the company strives to be the key component in world-class products for industrial, embedded, automotive and global data storage applications.

Hyperstone’s products include NAND flash memory controllers for Serial ATA (SATA) and Parallel ATA (PATA) Solid-State Disks (SSDs), Disk-on-Module (DoM), Disk-on-Board (DoB), embedded flash solutions such as eMMC, and flash cards such as CF, SD, and microSD. USB controllers complete the portfolio. Hyperstone’s hyMap® flash controller firmware is supplied with the flash memory controllers and is customized for each flash application.

While the company’s headquarters is based in Konstanz, Germany there are subsidiaries in Taiwan, and the USA serving a global customer base. Research and development take place at headquarters, while industry-leading partners provide world-class wafer-subcontracting, packaging and testing services.

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Value Added

Penta Framework

  • Hypertone is leading the XSR-FMC project within the Penta framework, and is doing so to:
  • Foster European cooperation to provide storage solutions for highly demanding markets
  • Catalyze European expertise in low-power, reliability and security to build a design platform
  • Enable an eco-system of SME to address requirements for application lead by European OEM (Automotive, Communication, Industry 4.0)
  • Enhance Hyperstone’s visibility in Europe through PENTA, Eureka
  • Technology booster as Penta framework encourages research