Racyics® is an experienced System-on-Chip design service provider based in Dresden, Germany. We offer design and implementation services for analog, mixed-signal and digital ICs. Working for leading European semiconductor companies for many years, the Racyics team contributed to numerous successful chip designs down to 10nm feature size for automotive, consumer and communication applications. As GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ channel partner with focus on advanced and leading-edge technologies, Racyics provides access to 28nm, 22nm and 12nm prototyping runs (MPWs). Furthermore, Racyics offers design enablement services for European SMEs and academia.

About Us

  • Our core strength is our outstanding performance. Racyics® founders and key team members worked together at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, since 2003.
  • From that experienced team, Racyics was established in 2009 as an independent design service provider with focus on advanced nodes.
  • Since then, Racyics has executed design services for leading global microelectronic companies like Infineon and Intel, as well as for German hidden champions such as Hyperstone.
  • The Racyics’ in-house design flow is enabled for many advanced nodes including GLOBALFOUNDRIES® 22FDX® and 12LP.
  • Growing fast and continuously, the Racyics design team counts more than 70 engineers delivering professional services with a direct link to world class research of Technische Universität Dresden.

Business Models

  • Racyics offers various business models to support our customers with their advanced node SoC project.
  • DESIGN SERVICE with support for all the major design tasks
  • TURNKEY SOLUTIONS including supply chain management (wafer, assembly and test)
  • FOUNDRY ACCESS to MPWs, production mask sets and wafers for all GLOBALFOUNDRIES® technologies
  • CUSTOM IP developement for Ultra-low power mixed-signal IP in advanced nodes
  • IP LICENSING for our world record energy efficient 22FDX® ABX platform for ULV implementations down to 0.4V

Various work split models between customer and Racyics possible