Penta XSR-FMC is following the agenda of the


 Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

The ECS-SRA is the combined research agenda from the three Industry Associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS that represent large companies, SMEs, universities and research institutes from across the entire ECS value chain. Based on analysis of the major applications fields where Europe must maintain and/or develop its leadership, and of the current and foreseeable technology capabilities, the ECS-SRA aims to identify the main focus areas for research and innovation in Europe in its field. To fulfil this mission, it reflects the dynamics of our industry, over the full ECS value chain, characterized by continual technology advances and new applications being invented at an ever-increasing pace.

Digitalisation and the underlying key technologies are an essential part of the answers to many of the daunting challenges that we face today. Shaping the digital transformation of Europe opens up huge opportunities for the take-up and deployment of digital technologies – digital transformation facilitates the use of new technologies and widens the business scope worldwide with innovative digital products and services. The future of Europe must be substantially shaped by a strong European electronic components and systems (ECS) industry especially in the context of growing protectionism in the US and China. Europe has indeed to retain its sovereignty and autonomy for the provision of its rapidly increasing needs for electronic components, embedded/cyber-physical systems and smart integrated systems.

Aeneas ECS-SRA webpage


Foster cooperation of European companies to address the need of more reliable and sustainable memory systems for demanding applications.


International team of companies is assembled to cover the different aspects of the project (market knowledge, technology, low power, security, fabrication…) and propose a project to Penta, and get European funding.


Implement a solution under the control of Penta which guarantees the the project scope is in line with the initial objectives, and  consistent with ECS-SRA